This 2 Days class is designed to teach the necessary skills to create realistic 3D areola/nipple tattooing. Tuition includes a Digital Machine (worth $650), a selection of proper needles and Permablend Areola Pigment Set. We will be providing all client consent and medical information forms  to submit to insurance companies.


2 Days

This class is designed to teach the necessary skills to create realistic 3D areola/nipple construction tattooing techniques.

Digital Nano Technology Machine (worth over $650), Cartridges and Permablend Areola Pigment Set  included: $2,250 for 2 days course.


9:00am September 12-13, 2020 Saturday - Sunday

9:00am September 14-15, 2020 Monday - Tuesday

9:00am September 21-22, 2020 Monday - Tuesday

9:00am September 28-29, 2020 Monday - Tuesday

9:00am October 5-6, 2020 Monday - Tuesday

9:00am October 8-9, 2020 Thursday - Friday

3D Areola Options - Vicky Martin Method

Perma Blend Areola Kit – (8) 1oz. bottles.  Includes the following colors:

  • Prime L Skin – This is the base color that can be used for Areola with someone of a Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin tone. (Warm) Mix it Up with the scar set!
  • Prime D Skin – This is the darkest color of browns for Areola. This can be lightened with a middle mixer, and lightened with a drop of black to darken.  (Warm) Mix it Up with the scar set!
  • Yes Cool – Add this color to Prime L Skin to make a natural areola color. (Cool) Mix it Upwith the scar set!
  • Pink Mixer – A couple drops of this can add a nice pink to your main Areola color. This color can be mixed with your Middle Mixer for a nice nipple color. (Warm)
  • High White – This can be used for highlights in your areola to help with details and 3D nipples.
  • Low Black – This can be used to help you create a 3D nipple in darker skin types.
  • No Pink – This color is only going to be used if you are having trouble matching the undertone in certain skin types. Add just a dip or drop and it will cancel out any pink. This color will help you find the perfect match to someone in Fitzpatrick 3,4 (Cool)
  • Brown Mixer – This color is a great starting point for Fitzpatrick 3-5 and can be used as a texturing for Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Warm) 

We will be providing all the forms to submit to insurance companies, client consent and medical information forms  as well as a comprehensive training manual.

Complete  the work of a surgeon’s with the latest 3D derma pigmentation techniques.

Nipple areola tattooing (micro-pigmentation) is performed after reconstruction of the breast is completed. This is a sort of tattooing procedure using needles to place pigments under the skin, this procedure can give the illusion of an areola and color the reconstructed nipple. This cannot be undertaken until at least 3 months have passed following reconstruction. It is not essential to undergo the nipple reconstruction to be entitled to tattooing, some patients decide to have tattooing to create a 3D effect without the reconstruction. It can also be performed to correct areola loss/asymmetry following breast surgery.


  • Proper Consultation: You will learn how to answer your client's questions about pre and post treatment. How to better understand the feeling’s of patients.
  • You will learn properly set up your machine, speed, and the right angles for each type of procedure.
  • You will learn different types of areola / nipple reconstructive surgery types  in order to choose the correct tools.
  • You will learn all about of scars  that can be corrected with micropigmentation.
  • You will learn Proper Techniques, Hand Position, Proper Stretching: Practical and Visual.      
  • Machine Angles/Motions: Practicing on Tattoo Skin.
  • You will learn all about undertones in areola pigments to match different skin types.
  • You will learn how to create an illusion of 3D nipple look: 
  • You will learn color theor to use for each skin type. 
  • You will learn in detail how to use needles including sizes, groupings, tapers, depth, textures and choosing the correct needle for each procedure.
  • You will learn proper aftercare protocol and we will provide you after care forms you need to give to your clients.
  • Client Medical Intake Forms and Proper charting to track and understand each client. 
  • Billing & Insurance: Review of materials and resources client/patients will need. Will be provided with materials.
  • Introduction to Cosmetic Photography
  • Marketing: How to create awareness about your services and the impact of them.


Our machine offers reliability and longevity for the demands of a professional technician. Our cutting edge digital machines are solid, powerful and offer trusted reliability with one year warranty.

These professional machines and hand pieces are at the forefront of Permanent Makeup technology making sure that every procedure is consistent. The hand piece uses a disposable safety cartridge needle system which prevent fluids from travelling back in to the hand piece.

There is an array of needle configurations available through us together with the option to change to a acupuncture hand piece or purchase as an additional.  We only supply and use the very best equipment and pigments available.