Scar Tattoo Treatments

Scars on your body and face can leave you feeling imperfect, uncomfortable and lacking confidence. Scar camouflage and scar tattoo treatments are long-term solutions for camouflaging scarring, achieved through the infusion of pigment into scar tissues.

Using prescriptive colours and the highest-quality equipment, our experienced specialists skilfully implant colour pixels into your scar, mimicking your skin tone and blending your scar into the surrounding skin.

We can also smooth and relax scars with irregular texture by using digital needling to generate micro-trauma to the skin. This stimulates the body’s wound-healing response, leaving your scar tissue less taut and more even.

What To Expect...

What Will Happen During My Consultation?

Your expert technician will carefully analyse your scarring to see if digital-needling will benefit you. We also evaluate your natural colouring and may need to out carry out 1 or 2 microscopic ‘colour-match’ tests in your scar. These test areas develop over a number of weeks giving a realistic impression of how the scar will look long-term. This ensures that the correct colours are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you want.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Each treatment session takes about 1 hour and typically multiple sessions are required.

What Will Happen During My Treatment?

For digital-needling, we use an electronic device to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response. With scar camouflage we work with multiple blends of pigment to recreate the tonal variance of your skin colour.

This colour is matched perfectly to your skin to look as natural as possible.

Anything I Need To Know Before I Begin Treatment?

It’s crucial that your skin isn’t tanned at the time of the treatment. This is because the ‘prescriptive’ skin-shade pigments need to be blended to match your natural skin colour. If your tan fades, you’ll end up with a mismatch and your treated scar will look darker than the surrounding skin.

What About After Treatment?

It’s important to keep sun exposure to a minimum once your scar has been camouflaged.

Will It Hurt?

If your scarring has sensation, we make sure numbing agents are applied. Our clients describe the discomfort as no more than about 2 out of 10. And of course we’ll continually check to see how you’re feeling and make sure you’re comfortable.

Will I Be Able To Go Back To Work Straight Afterwards?

Absolutely. Typically the area around your treatment may be slightly red for 72 hours, but that should be the only after-effect.

Do You Provide Aftercare?

Yes – complimentary aftercare products are included with your treatment.